Once upon a time


bpost is selected for the concessions relating to the distribution of the press in Belgium for the period 2016-2020
Acquisition of CityDepot
Launch first MSM (Mixed Sorting Machine)


Launch of new projects to generate new income, such as the “combo.be” service


On 21 June 2013 bpost issues an IPO and becomes a listed company.

Acquisition Landmark Global in US


On 1 January 2011 the Belgian postal market is completely opened up to competition.


De Post-La Poste changes its name to bpost.


Post Danmark A/S leaves the consortium and the strategic partnership.
CVC Capital Partners becomes the sole private shareholder in De Post-La Poste alongside the Belgian state.


A new sorting centre – Liege X – opens in January. Brussels X is also modernised.


De Post-La Poste receives the assistance of a strategic partner to enable it to modernise further and prepare for the full liberalisation of the postal market: Post Danmark A/S and CVC[i] take a joint 49.99% shareholding in De Post-La Poste.
The market for mail weighing more than 50g is opened up to competition.
Three new sorting centres are also opened in 2006: Ghent X (May), Charleroi X (August) and Antwerp X (in November).


De Post-La Poste launches an ambitious modernisation plan to prepare for the complete opening up of the postal market to competition. The market for mail weighing more than 100g is opened up to competition.


In March De Post-La Poste becomes a company limited by shares under public law.


In May the first EU Directive (97/67/EC) on the path to full liberalisation of the postal services market is approved. The market for mail weighing more than 350g is opened up to competition.


Regie der Posterijen-Régie des Postes is converted into an autonomous state enterprise and is given a new name. Regie der Posterijen-Régie des Postes becomes De Post-La Poste (Belgium).


The first step is taken towards more administrative autonomy, and the Belgian postal service changes its name: "Administratie van De Post-Administration de la Poste" becomes "Regie der Posterijen-Régie des Postes”.


Introduction of postal codes in Belgium.


First optical mail sorting at the Brussels X sorting centre.


Under a new law, every household must have its own letterbox.


Belgium issues its first postage stamp, the legendary “Epaulette”, with the portrait of Leopold I.


Daily postal delivery is introduced, including in rural areas.


On 28 January the world’s first stamp, the Penny Black, is issued in Great Britain.


The Belgian postal service becomes a government service. The arrival of the railway sounds the death knell of the post-chaises.