bpost strategy is built on 4 cornerstones

Continue to focus on core mail business + Innovate/grow within core competencies + Generate continued productivity gains - keep stakeholders on board : value creation & rewarding of shareholders

1. Defend the core activities

The mailbox continues to be our main source of revenue and we still believe in the power of the mailbox as communication channel. To protect this business going forward, we work continuously to improve our quality and our operational performance.
In a context in which mail volumes are declining, we are also developing initiatives to fill the mailbag of the postman. These programs demonstrate to our customers the efficiency of communicating to their own customers “on paper”.
bpost supports the free choice of communication channel in the context of a continued clear preference for paper among consumers.

2. Develop growth areas within the core competencies

Generating new sources of revenues is an imperative to counter the pressure on the traditional letter.
We draw on our unique assets as a postal operator: the density of our delivery and points of sales network, our field knowledge, our operational expertise and, above all, our postmen. They are trusted by our customers and, increasingly, they offer our services at their front door.
We are developing initiatives to enable us to meet customers face to face, to deliver parcels, provide home-based services and offer financial products.

On the parcels market, we want to take full advantage of the growth opportunities offered by the acceleration of e-commerce sales in Belgium. Furthermore, our international presence, facilitating the shipping of parcels by foreign e-tailers, mainly from North America and Asia, allows us to seize growth opportunities beyond our borders. In 2014, these international activities were consolidated in a single organization, which markets its services worldwide under the name “LandmarkGlobal, a bpost company”.

bpost is constantly working to develop new solutions.
Within this context, we launched services such as “combo” for the consolidated evening delivery of groceries from various shops on a day chosen by the customer.
Other projects, such as the delivery and installation of internet connection equipment, water meter statements and social security surveys for senior citizens are also underway in the company and strongly oriented to the wish to offer services at our customers’ front door.

3. Control costs and improve productivity

Growth is achieved by defending mail, our “front door” service to customers, as well as by our desire to control costs better, improve productivity and achieve operational excellence.
Cost reductions are being implemented at all levels of the company. This approach entails continuing improvement, including savings through recurring programs such as Georoute (adaptation of postmen’s rounds to the changes in volumes).
We are also committed to initiatives to improve productivity, such as Vision 2020, which is being rolled out since 2014.
These initiatives help protect our ability to adapt our organization as effectively as possible to changes in volumes and reduce costs by generating economies of scale in terms of infrastructure, without compromising service quality.

Vision 2020 – process for letters Youtube

Vision 2020 – process for parcels Youtube

4. Keep our stakeholders on board

Only customers enthusiastic about our services will be loyal to us and will continue to use our services and recommend us to others.
In our quest to enthuse them, we must listen to what they have to say, so we can offer products and services that meet their needs.
We must also offer excellent quality and be completely customer-oriented.
In 2014 we were able to increase our customer satisfaction, 88% of our client were satisfied about ou services.

Our biggest challenge is now to remain a strong company that is present in our customers’ day-to-day lives.
To do this requires the natural and spontaneous enthusiasm and commitment of each employee and teamwork.
The bpeople project initiated in 2012 will help us in that. It focuses on the conditions that need to be fulfilled to promote the wellbeing and commitment of all employees at the company.
It also takes account of the many challenges faced by our employees in a company and an industry that is changing all the time.

Since bpost is now a listed company, we also want to do our best to remunerate all shareholders that have chosen to invest in us and participate in the development of the company.

These drivers are expected to help bpost create value for stakeholders and offer an appropriate remuneration to shareholders