Annual report 2016

Financial highlights


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Domestic parcels volume growth

Our strategy – Always on the move

In recent years bpost has adapted to a rapidly evolving world and the changing needs of our customers. Our good results, increased productivity and improved service are the best proof of that. So our strategy is working. In 2016 we confirmed our strategic direction and defined it with greater precision.

We are mail

We still generate more than half of our income in traditional mail. So mail remains at the heart of what we do. 2016 showed again that our domestic mail business is resilient. We achieved good results in advertising mail in particular. The letterbox remains a powerful communication channel.

We grow

To grow we need to capitalize on the many opportunities the world now offers us. With this in mind, in 2016 we took advantage of the further expansion of e-commerce to increase our parcel volume significantly, both in Belgium and internationally, linked to improved convenience for our customers. We also want to enlarge our proximity and convenience offering, by making optimal use of our strengths to offer innovative solutions and by continuing our diversification efforts, through Ubiway, for example.

We are lean, agile and flexible

By continually improving how we work we are able to achieve our targets and remain healthy as a company. By being lean (drilling down to the essence), agile (adapting quickly) and flexible (being open to the world) in how we work, we can adapt our organization as effectively as possible to meet the expectations of our customers and the trends in a fast changing world.

We are @core

Our employees are our biggest asset in our pursuit of loyal customers. Their wellbeing is therefore a priority for us. As a company with deep roots in society, bpost also has its social role very much at heart. By working sustainably we aim to create value for the whole of society.

How we bring our customers closer and make their lives easier

“Thanks to Mailing Maker we managed to create quite a buzz.”

Gilles Molitor, Great Traiteur

“With Mailing Maker we could be as creative as we wanted to be, even all the way down to the font. The postcard format also allows us to make something fun. It did not take us long to make something attractive and uploading our own database was easy. Plus we now have everything under control and we no longer need to worry about coordination with the printer. I really thought it was brilliant and great value for money.”

“We want to lead, and to do that, we have to innovate. bpost is happy to contribute in this respect.”

Frederik Wybo, e-commerce manager Schoenen Torfs

“Online customers can always choose from four different delivery methods. This type of convenience is very important to us. They must be able to choose where and when they receive their parcel. We can offer these options, thanks to bpost. Customers can have their parcels delivered at home or at the office, collect them from a pick-up point or go for a parcel locker.”

“I’m a full-time florist again rather than a part-time driver.”

Rik Spoormans, owner of De Serrano flower shop

“Now I think about it, working with bringr has brought about quite a big change. I can accept orders I used to refuse because the delivery address was too far away. And I no longer have to outsource artistic work. It’s strange to think that’s down to bpost, an organization you would not immediately associate with my business. I’m pleasantly surprised that bpost is working with things like bringr. It’s a sign that they are taking a dynamic approach to transport and logistical innovation.”

“CityDepot enables us to work on sustainability.”

Filip Christiaens, Managing Director Rotra

“Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are very important for today’s transport companies. That’s because the haulage industry is often under pressure, both on motorways and in city centres. CityDepot’s sustainable concept offers us numerous opportunities and its green values are definitely a plus.”