Additional sources of revenues

Value-added services

bpost offers services with high added value. These services combine:

  • Data services: relocation service
  • Document management solutions: printing transactional documents
  • Mail collection and handling services

bpost also markets integrated solutions to manage end-to-end processes for our customers, from order to delivery, including document printing, payment and supplier contracts. Examples include the delivery of license plates, traffic fine management, processes and the delivery of INAMI health care certificate booklets.

New solutions

bpost continues to explore new sources of income based on the company's unique assets: a dense delivery and points of sale network, field knowledge and the trust postmen enjoy.

Some of our main doorstep services:

  • Combo: customers schedule an evening for the home delivery by bpost of groceries they buy online from supermarkets and other merchants. Payment for these goods can also be made directly to the postmen.
  • bclose: postmen gather information from a specific target group of elderly people during their mail round in order to assess the isolation level.
  • Partnership with Proximus: delivery of new decoders (digibox) by the postmen, including tips to the customers that facilitate the installation.
  • Identification of clients: bpost helps suppliers to manage their customer relationship (sale or customer care) by reaching more effectively customers when physical interaction is needed.

Banking and financial products

bpost bank

bpost bank, founded in 1995, is a Belgian bank based on an unique partnership model. She is a joint venture (50/50) between bpost and BNP Parisbas Fortis and managed by an autonomous Board of Directors.
bpost bank plays an essential role in the strategy of bpost: her services are complementary to what bpost offers. And thanks to the extensive bpost retail network she is very close to her clients.

bpaid prepaid card

This Mastercard prepaid card can be preloaded by clients with a chosen amount. It offers the opportunity to buy online in an anonymous, secure way.

Western Union

Western Union provides fast, reliable and convenient ways to move money around the globe. The service is available in over 100 postal offices.

International Mail

bpost provides international mail services, comprising the collection, transport, sorting and distribution of international mail from and to Belgium.
Through our subsidiary Landmark Global, we also offer services for international transit mail, as well as mail that does not transit through Belgium.