Domestic mail

Our business is bound to paper. We are convinced that paper is an indispensable medium of communication when it comes to sharing information and emotions.
Mail is considered to be an efficient communication channel: it combines a high recall rate, and a high activation rate and for consumers it is the preferred channel for receiving commercial and administrative information.

Transactional mail

We develop and market administrative and financial communication solutions based on paper and at-home services.
We are convinced of the relevance of well-designed paper documents. With that in mind, in 2011 we launched RelatioMail to help our customers turn their large volumes of administrative and financial mail into a value-added communication channel to customers and possibly also a marketing tool.
Despite digitalization initiatives, consumers still prefer paper to a significant degree, especially when it comes to financial related information.

Advertising mail

bpost responds to its customers' commercial communication needs.
We market communication and direct marketing products, such as addressed advertising mail, unaddressed mail and opt-in addresses.

We optimize our advertising mail solutions through the DM Boost program. Starting point of this approach is gaining a better understanding of the commercial challenges facing our customers. We help them identify their marketing objectives, and accordingly propose DM initiatives in order to achieve those objectives, while also quantifying the effectiveness of paper as a medium.

Distripost, our unaddressed mail service, offers day-certain delivery to advertisers. Both, addressed and unaddressed products are highly effective communication campaigns for different types of customers.

Press distribution

bpost also distributes newspapers and periodicals in Belgium as result of the concessions awarded by the State for the period 2016-2020.
Newspapers are delivered before 7.30 AM on weekdays and before 10 AM on Saturday.