Social dialogue

bpost’s employees are at the core of our business. We need to draw on the satisfaction and engagement of each and every one to be able of enthusing our customers and earning their loyalty. For this reason, we strive to promote the wellbeing and good working conditions for all our employees but also a culture of dialogue for the management whether it is with his team or with the trade unions.

The legislation applicable to bpost as autonomous state enterprise and its articles of association explicitly provide for a structure and processes at different levels in order to lead efficient negotiation, consultation and information. bpost has his own Joint Committee and several other fora at national level (e.g. sub-committees and strategic committees) or regional level (e.g. consultation committees) to foster good dialogue and relations between Unions. This way of collaborating enables also a prompt reaction to incidents avoiding any escalation and mitigating social conflicts.

Wage conditions, collective labor agreements, reorganization projects, safety and wellbeing at work are some of the topics that can be examined and discussed each month.

The involvement of our management in our social dialogue is also expressed by the appointment of two directors at senior executive level and dedicated teams whose function is maintaining these good relationships with Unions.

The good collaboration we aim to maintain with trade unions pays off. Indeed, based on the 2014 statistics of the FEB (Federation of Belgian Entreprises), bpost had an average of 1.49 days of strike per 1,000 employees. This relatively low compared to the average of 196.66 days of strike per 1,000 employees for Belgian companies with more than 1.000 employees (*).

However, the challenges to come are still important and we strongly believe in the importance of having good relations with our unions. For this reason, we strive to strengthen our social dialogue within bpost. This is enabled through the organization of conferences with the Unions about essential theme’s for bpost (e.g. corporate culture of leadership, corporate strategy, important markets such as parcels, etc.), as well as providing opportunities to follow the same trainings and career path as other employees.

Employee’s benefits
Next to the wage, bpost offers a variable pay based on corporate results, extra-legal benefits such as allowances depending on work performances, retirement plan, meal vouchers, leaves etc.

We also provide different kinds of trainings that aim at helping employees and managers to improve the way they work or communicate (such as feedback culture, trade unions,…).

Employer attractiveness
bpost was ranked ninth in Randstad’s 2016 employer branding study of the best-known private companies in Belgium.