Green buildings

bpost manages and maintains 950 buildings (800,000 m2) for operational purposes, which consume electricity, water, and gas.

We have the ambition to minimize the impact of all operations within our buildings. To create green buildings, bpost has the following initiatives in place:

Environmental management systems
Besides the regulatory aspects, bpost has set up certified environmental management systems (ISO 14001) in its strategic sites. We track our energy consumption through an online energy management portal. This helps ensure that the annual volume of letters and parcels is processed in eco-responsible conditions.

Investing in green equipment and green buildings
In November 2013, bpost opened its second green building, a new mail center in Mons. It is the follower of the in 2013 opened green mail center in Plénesses in the Verviers region and represents a state-of-the-art low energy building. In existing buildings, bpost invests in energy friendly solutions, such as new lighting systems, thermal insulation, upgraded heat ventilation and air conditioning.

Renewable energy
bpost does its best to reduce its energy consumption. However, we will always need energy. For this reason, we also want to look at which type of energy we are using. We use 100% green electricity and produce more and more electricity ourselves. Hence, we have installed 15,000 m2 of solar panels in the last years and we plan to install additional 16,000 m2 representing a capacity of 2 mWp (Mega Watt peak) in 2017.