Green fleet

The fleet of vehicles is at the heart of our environmental challenge. Road transport is the backbone of the mail collection and delivery network and bpost cannot fulfill its mission without an extensive fleet of vehicles. Our fleet is indeed one of the largest in Belgium, consisting of 7,457 vans, 1,940 mopeds, 394 trucks, 2,733 bicycles, 2,494 electric bicycles, 24 electric delivery three-wheelers and 2 eVans.

Our ambition is to make our fleet greener by taking the following actions:

Eco-Driving Challenge
Since 2011, we organize every two years the Eco-Driving Challenge to raise awareness among employees on their actual fuel consumption. In 2016, bpost hosted an international Eco-Driving Challenge in Spa-Francorchamps. This event gathered the best postmen drivers, based on their fuel consumption of the past six months. Teams composed of a professional driver and a manager participated into a contest to testcar handling, eco-driving, safety and customer service.

Eco Drive Challenge Spa-Francorchamps 2016

Eco-Driving training
Responsible driving is another important factor in the pursuit of a greener fleet. Keeping this in mind, we provide Eco-driving training to van drivers and check vehicle tire pressure on a regular basis.

To connect eco-driving with not only the driver but also the vehicle, bpost has started installing dataloggers on its delivery vans and on its trucks in 2014. These data loggers warn the drivers automatically in case their driving behavior is not eco-friendly.

Tomorrow’s fleet

Replacing mopeds with electric delivery three-wheeler
We develop transportation alternatives that help decrease the environmental impact of our transportation activities. bpost has the ambition to decrease the number of conventional last mile vehicles (vehicles used in cities/municipalities). Extensive internal testing has shown that electric scooters with three wheels are a valid distribution alternative to the traditional mopeds. Besides the considerable emission advantage, this electric alternative offers much better safety and ergonomics, can carry more products and emits less. Hence, gradually these vehicles will replace the traditional mopeds starting from January 2017.

The pedelec fleet, also on 3 wheels, is growing steadily as well, enabling bpost low emission and less traffic dependant city center delivery.

Green Car Policy
Next to our operational fleet, we must take care of the mobility of our employees. With a workforce of several thousand people, bpost can make a great impact with regard to the daily commuting of its staff. The Green Car Policy, which encourages people to choose transport solutions that emit less carbon dioxide, has been implemented.

bpost also has a teleworking policy enabling employees to avoid unnecessary home-work commuting and launched a bpost carpooling solution in 2015 in partnership with Taxistop.