Waste management

We continuously strive to reduce waste generation and enhance waste management. In all our mail sorting centers, mail centers and administrative buildings proper waste management is a key element. This includes thoroughly sorting of all our waste streams, proper collection and transport by a registered waste partner and finally, recycling (paper, drink cartons, plastic bottles, metal) or disposal with energy recovery.

In order to achieve our recycling goals, we focus on proper waste selection by awareness campaigns and internal audits.

A lot of our waste is generated by the transport of parcels. Together with our clients, we try to find solutions to minimize waste production. “Loose-loaded” - individually stacking parcels, as opposed to palletized- is an effective way to minimize the use of card board, pallets and plastic foil.

Together with our registered waste partners, we find solutions to improve our waste selection. This, to enhance the recycling in an economical, ecological and efficient way. In 2016, bpost has invested in a new system of paper and cardboard collection (chapel container). This type of circular economy initiative can generate up to 150,000 euro savings per year.

We target a reduction of general waste production of -20% by 2020 compared to 2009.