Proximity to our society

bpost is involved in the society through its support to a number of social projects, especially the fight against illiteracy in Belgium. It also gives a financial stimulation to employees who invest substantial efforts to help charities. But we do not only look at the social aspects, we also want to improve the biodiversity and environment of our local communities.

bpost Literacy Fund
bpost supports the drive towards improved literacy. This commitment is put into practice by giving financial support to the bpost Literacy Fund, which was established in 1997 and managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. Since 2009, we have given the fund a new impetus by donating part of the revenue from the sale of Christmas stamps. In the past seven years, the Fund has received over 1.260.583 EUR, which has enabled it to support new literacy projects run by various organizations.

Promoting writing among children
bpost launched an educational program to promote writing among children aged 6 to 12. The goal was to introduce children to the basics of the mail business by encouraging them to write letters and cards. Teachers have access to a range of educational tools that can be downloaded from the bpost website for their lessons, depending on the age group.

Over 300.000 letters are sent to St Nicolas every year in November and early December. For six weeks, bpost employees help the saint in his work by sending a gift to every child who contacts him.

Promoting volunteering work - Star4U
With our Star4U initiative, bpost encourages employees who actively and fully volunteer for social, cultural, social or environmental projects. The selected projects are closely connected to bpost’s values: social service, care, culture, development aid, sport, nature and the environment. The merits of the applications are evaluated once a year by a panel of judges made up of bpost employees and independent experts. A new edition will be launched in 2017, with special attention for projects focusing on diversity, sustainability and care for people.

As part of its policy on sustainable development, bpost has set up several bee colonies on the roofs of the bpost Head Quarter in Brussels in partnership with the 'Made In Abeilles' cooperative. Through this pilot project, bpost strengthens its environmental initiatives and contributes to the challenges of biodiversity in order to reduce its ecological footprint. This project promotes better use of our roofs and offers a solution to the mass disappearance of bees and the loss of associated biodiversity.

bpost forest
bpost contributes to the creation of natural habitats. The aim is to use land in different areas to contribute to maintaining biodiversity and local flora. One plot of land in the “Oude Landen” area close to Ekeren, owned by bpost has been transformed in natural reserve operated by Natuurpunt. Then one in Brussels (Uccle) called the Parc Raspail now operated by the Municipality of Uccle. These lands are given free of charge as a 33 years’ lease for a biodiversity protection initiative. bpost aims in this way to enable the municipality to renovate parks and create access for the general public to nature.

Natuurpunt and bpost has planted a one-hectare “bpost forest” in the Waver forest in Lier.