Proximity to our customers through our services

bpost looks further than its own operations. Thanks to our proximity to our customers, we keep a close eye on their emerging needs. An important parameter for our customers is the sustainable impact of their actions. Consequently, we want to give them the chance to make sustainable choices and assess their impacts. We therefore provide responsible products and services.

Carbon Meter service
Thanks to our Carbon Meter, our customers can measure the carbon footprint generated by their advertising mail flows, so that they can take well-informed decisions that minimize their environmental impacts (in terms of type of paper, use of cardboard, size and inks, for example).

Carbon offsetting service
Next to this, we give our customers the possibility to offset the carbon emissions generated during the delivery of their mail items. This service, in joint initiative with CO2logic, raises financing for climate projects to cut greenhouse emissions in emerging countries. It is crucial to also support energy efficiency, renewable energy, avoiding deforestation and reforestation projects in developing countries since we share the same atmosphere. Following the Paris agreement, developed countries will be reducing their CO2 emissions to meet the max +2°C of global warming but the challenge will be to address the rising population growth and energy need in developing countries. For each CO2 reduction achieved through the support of Gold Standard certified climate projects in developing countries we also generate a positive contribution to some crucial UN SDG’s (climate action, life on land, sustainable communities, no poverty, good health…)

CityDepot service
bpost introduced a solution to solve some of the mobility problems in and around cities. CityDepot gives road haulers the option of unloading their cargo at a specially equipped depot in the suburbs rather than driving into the city centre. CityDepot then makes a same-day combined delivery to the final recipients.

The carbon balance of this service is very positive and contributes to the development of sustainable cities. Click here for more details.

Beyond the environmental impact of our services, we also aim to offer services that have a social impact and help identifying social issues.

bclose service
Our service ‘’bclose’’ was commissioned by the local social aid and welfare department (CPAS/OCMW). bclose is a service in which postmen gather information on a group of senior citizens (identified by CPAS/OCMW) during their round to assess whether they are socially isolated. Based on the information provided, action can be taken to help these isolated people and integrate them into community life.