Proximity to our suppliers

Our ambitions are not limited to our own business but apply also to the entire value chain. The responsible and sustainable procurement practice are stimulated throughout the organization and serves as one of the most important aspects in bpost’s transition towards sustainable business. bpost’s sustainable procurement process is based on two pillars:

  • The sustainable nature of the purchased products, materials and services (sustainable procurement policy).
  • The maturity of suppliers with regard to CSR practices within their organization (supplier assessment).

Sustainable procurement policy
bpost’s sustainable procurement policy is based on the European Commission’s DG Environment for Green Public Procurement (GPP) requirements and social requirements in which multiple product groups can be differentiated.

Each product is judged based on its technical aspects, social and environmental performance. Each contract that exceeds a predefined value and has an impact on sustainability, is subjected to a number of sustainability criteria in the evaluation of the offer. This process is monitored by bpost’s Head of Procurement and CSR Manager.

In order to enforce the sustainable procurement process, an environmental and social clause are included in the execution conditions. The clause obliges the supplier by contract to proactively and innovatively improve the environmental and societal impact of the delivered goods, services or work performed. In case the supplier repeatedly does not comply with the specific requirements of bpost, the contract can, in extreme cases, be terminated.

For more details see also our Supplier code of conduct and our Supplier general conditions.

As local procurement is important for our stakeholders, we monitor our supply spending on local suppliers.

Next to our procurement policy, bpost is committed to becoming the best in class with regard to responsible paper consumption. Our partners PEFC and FSC helped us to achieve that goal. Various measures have already been taken in recent years: 99% of the paper we buy is PEFC and/or FSC certified or recycled; 100% of our postage stamps are printed on FSC paper.

Supplier assessment
We partner with Ecovadis to conduct suppliers CSR risk assessments aimed at gaining a better understanding of their vision and results in terms of sustainability. Environmental performance (energy, water, waste, products…) and social performance (health and safety, working conditions, child/forced labor…) are taken into account. Suppliers are rated on a scale of 1 to 100. A discussion between bpost and the supplier is organized in case the score is too low in order to improve their CSR performance.