Employee satisfaction and engagement

We want to harness the natural enthusiasm and commitment of each and every employee by creating the optimal working environment and promoting their wellbeing. Through our People@Core program, we focus on the conditions to be met in order to promote the wellbeing and engagement of our employees. Surveys are held every three months among a representative group of employees. Based on the results, local and national initiatives are launched regarding the improvement of the communication, the collaboration between the employees, the leadership and the wellbeing.

Every year our employees are invited to participate to a wellbeing survey by our external and independent partner ISW Eupora. The survey is based on the scientific job demands-resources model and provides insights into how our employees are doing in terms of engagement, stress symptoms, satisfaction and loyalty, as well as how they perceive their working conditions. Our wellbeing measurement enables us to identify improvements to working conditions, to boost employee engagement and to reduce stress. Our ambition remains to be in the better half of the Belgian employers with regards to engagement and stress level.

The 2016 results have identified bposts improvement areas. These issues resulting from the survey have been included in the action plan. Our recently launched People@Core program, which consolidates all local and corporate initiatives, will significantly and structurally improve our employees’ wellbeing in the years to come.